Luxurious comfort: The ventus ME01 provides optimum performance through its asymmetrical tread pattern, offering the best in a gentle and comfortable ride.

Rib shoulder block:

It delivers excellent performance through block stiffness optimization.

Optimal 4-channel groove:

It adopts the optimal 4-channel groove by SCCT and multiple tread radius technology for pattern stiffness optimization.

Shoulder block:

It delivers excellent dry handling performance through the shoulder block width increase and contact space increase.

Adoption of center rib:

It shows outstanding steering stability on dry roads by adopting the center rib.

Tire Structure

It adopts the optimal tread compound (natural glass) that meets both RR and noise/comfort requirements.

It adopts ventless mold (MSV) technology to improve appearance/noise performance.

Twofold jointless full cover:

It improves durability and breaking performance. It improves steering stability by maintaining the equal foot shape tread part.

Weight down/solid belt cord:

It improves fuel efficiency and steering stability.

It applies the rim protect bar for aggressive appearance and rim protection.

High hardness bead filler:

It improves durability and steering stability.



The premium all-season SUV tyre

The Dynapro HP provides excellent traction, reduced noise and improved interior properties for powerful, dynamic SUV’s.

Unique design:

Improved off-road and snow performance.

Embossed style:

Improved off-road performance with an aggressive SUV appearance.

2-step graduated groove:

Discharges water rapidly from the tread surface to prevent hydroplaning.

Four straight channel grooves:

Resists hydroplaning, providing increased aquaplaning performance.


Uniform contact area provides improved on wet and snowy surfaces.

Tie bar:

A greater circumferential and lateral stiffness enables improved dry braking, pass-by noise and prevents uneven wear.

Centre rib:

Improved dry braking, handling and steering response.

Noise-reduction kerf:

Prevents a harmonic tread pattern sound.

Tire Structure
Jointless cap ply:

Jointless cap ply around the circumference of the tyre over the steel belts assures enhanced belt endurance plus improved uniformity for comfort and high-speed stability.

Wide, high-tensile steel belts:

Enhance tread strength for steering response and wear life.


Wet and dry summer tyre providing excellent comfort and wet driving performance

The Optimo K715 minimises hydroplaning by employing a pattern design that improves wet driving performance. With an upgraded bead, it also provides excellent cornering and dry driving.

Tie bar for shoulder area:

Shoulder area is bolstered by a tie bar, improving rigidity and therefore handling.

Shoulder kerf reduces uneven wear:

Uneven abrasion which could be generated while cornering is diminished by the insertion of a kerf in the shoulder area

Optimised pitch sequence:

A quieter ride and better handling are ensured by optimising the pitch sequence

Revised groove positioning:

Strategic positioning and width adjustment of grooves ensure more safety in wet conditions.

Tire Structure
Jointless cap ply:

Improving uniformity for a smooth ride and higher durability.

Wide, high-tensile steel belts:

Enhancing tread strength for a more direct steering response and less wear.

Jointless bead wire & high tensile modulus bead filler:

Improving high speed stability and ride comfort. Maximising steering response and durability.


The new champion of performance tires

The Ventus V12 evo is a new ultra-high performance tire that combines superb control and braking performance. Experience unrivaled comfort during high-speed driving.

3D Effect on Block Edge:

Diverse angles of the block edge result in a sophisticated design with a three-dimensional effect. Ground contact pressure is evenly distributed for optimal handling and braking

Solid Center Rib Block:

The solid rib block in the center enhances braking performance. It also ensures optimal ground contact pressure and control response at high speeds for excellent handling

Efficient Water Drainage:

Wide linear grooves and an aggressive Y-shape pattern design effectively channels water away from the tire.

Tire Structure
High-density nylon full cover:

Optimized structure featuring a high-density nylon belt leads to even distribution of ground contact pressure during cornering.


All-season LT/SUV tire for OE fitments

Ventus AS is designed to provide the ride comfort, low noise and all-season traction that exists in these original equipment tires

6 Circumferential grooves:

Cools the tire, improves steerability and allows water to escape the footprint

Solid centerline:

Improves driving feel and stability.

Open shoulder design:

Provides “see-thru” evacuation of water and slush.

High density siping:

Gives the Ventus AS hundreds of biting edges for noise performance

Stepped groove walls:

Provide extra edges for steering traction

Tire Structure

Rim protect bar protects the rim from scuffing while preventing the sidewall from “rolling over” the rim flange.Sidewall shape optimized to bend gently-reducing stresses and improving ride comfort.

Sidewall compound specially formulated to resist ozone, aging, cracking and abrasion.

Nylon belt overlay provides strength to the tread area and restricts belt motion-the key to high performance handling.

Two extra-wide high tensile steel belts give the tire crisp handling and flex to absorb road shocks.


For aggressive all-terrain driving

The best on/off-road tire for 4x4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT-m employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.

Rugged Puncture Resistance:

Wraparound tread gives tire a rugged look and guards against cuts, bruises and impact breaks. Affords outstanding traction, especially in muddy or snowy conditions.

Tread Pattern:

The sharp edge patterned after tiger's teeth creates an aggressive, bold look balanced block design.

Wave Kerf:

Deep two step sipes extend tread life and increases performance on wet road.

Deep Depth Tiered Side Groove:

Precise & Stable Cornering The tiered groove is applied, which makes a moving angle of the tread block smaller compared to the conventional non-tiered groove when cornering, to secure safer cornering running performance.

Stone Ejector:

Stone ejectors in the center and shoulder grooves help prevent tire damage from stones or external impacts. Also enhances handling confidence

Scallop Grooves:

The “Scallop grooves” between the tread blocks increase the tire’s ‘biting’ edges to enhance traction off-road.

Angled Side Groove:

Enhances wet traction has self-cleaning capabilities.

Zig zag Block Edge:

Provides superb grip in wet, icy and dry conditions.

Wide Tread:

The footprint has been enlarged (7-8% increase more than comparable products) to resist uneven wear while providing the best grip and acceleration under all road conditions.

Rim Flange Protector:

Guards expensive wheels from accidental curb damage.

Tire Structure
Reinforced Under-Tread Gauge:

Helps to prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when off the road.

Thick Sidewall Rubber Gauge:

Helps to minimize damage from off-road impact

Reinforced Carcass:

Improved or Improves hill climbing and steering stability both on and off the road.

Jointless Bead Wire:

Prevents bead separation when driving off-road on low air pressure.


Driving performance and smooth ride with cutting-edge technology

Ventus Prime2’s cutting-edge technology provides passengers with the combination of a comfortable, smooth ride and exceptional wet and dry grip.

Bionic Pattern Design for Increased Grip Performance:

Jaguar’s tooth shape design insures to secure optimum grip. This feature allows for better handling in all driving conditions.

Enhanced Wet Performance Technology:

Features a triple-radius profile that helps maintain maximum grip in wet conditions


It’s a specially customized tire for the harsh climatic conditions of the Middle East Region

It applies innovative reduction of rolling resistance and cutting edge technology compared with the existing and competing products, which makes you remember its strong impression.




A Speed Revolution!

You can enjoy a ‘stable high-speed ride on a wet conditions’ with the innovative technology exclusive to Hankook Tire.

More Performance! The best ‘stability of steering’ and ‘brake performance’ that you can find. Realize the dream of driving.


The best balance between wet & dry performance!

The Ventus S1 evo2 is a premium performance tire that provides precise, controlled cornering at high-speeds and environmentally friendly performance through minimized rolling resistance and optimal profile implementation.

Aqua Driving Control

Provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage

Triple Driveline

As wear progresses down to TWI (tread wear indicator), there is no loss in performance.

Cooling System:

Speeds up water drainage and improves heat radiation at high speed.


Controls excessive heat buildup.

Alignment indicator:

Drivers can check status of the vehicle alignment themselves through in or out wear check.

Tire Structure
High Grip Silica Compound:

Improved dry or wet traction and lower rolling resistance.

Wide Steel Belt Layer:

Better dry or wet handling

Equilibrium Rayon Carcass Line:

Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.

High Stiffness Bead Filler:

Better handling and steering response.

Strong Single Bead Wire:

Improved uniformity and tire fitting.


High-performance tire for luxury SUVs

The Dynapro HP2 meets all the conditions required for premium European SUVs including excellent wet performance, low noise, low rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

Tire Pattern
Straight 4-Channel Waterway:

Resists Hydroplaning & Aquaplaning Performance Up.

High Stiffness Center Rib:

Stiff Center Tread Blocks provide precise steering.

Silencer Sipes:

Prevents harmonic tread pattern sound.

Aqua Slant Sipes & Groove:

Radial direction sipes provide improved handling in wet and dry conditions by locking together for greater rigidity. Lateral grooves provide resistance to hydroplaning.

Tire Structure
High Loading Silica Compound:

Dry/wet traction is improved and rolling resistance is lowered

Wide 2 Steel Belt Layer:

Better Dry/Wet Handling

High Density Polyester Carcass:

Better steering & handling response

Strong Single Strand Bead Wire:

Better steering and handling response


Extreme running through advanced technology

A tire designed for drivers who like to express their own style which delivers outstanding performance in sports driving.

Alignment Indicator:

Drivers can check the status of the vehicle alignment themselves through in or out wear check.

Aqua Jet:

Aqua jet is the catalyst to channel water effectively out of the center to the main groove wall.

Cooling System:

Speeds up water drainage and improves heat radiation at high speed.

Stealth Technology:

Unique wing tip design reduces noise using ‘Stealth technology’. Slanted edges support the blocks during handling where sounds or trembling hits. This slanted surface reduces impact.

Advanced Noise:

Increased pitch numbers reduced noise.

Compound Technology:

Application of new styrene polymer featuring a functional group improves the chemical combination.

Tire Structure
High Grip Silica Compound:

Improved dry and wet traction and lower rolling resistance.

Wide Steel Belt Layer:

Better dry or wet handling.

High Density Polyester Carcass:

Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability.

High Stiffness Bead Filler:

Better steering and handling response.

Strong Single Bead Wire:

Improved uniformity and tire fitting.


Off-road driving excitement

The Dynapro MT boasts superb multi-directional traction and excellent grip, acceleration and anti-puncture capability. Even under harsh off-road conditions, expect the best possible driving performance with excellent handling and stability on any road type.

Tire Pattern
Side Protection Block:

A side protection block from the tread pattern to the center of the sidewall has an appealing rugged look and shields against the shock of protruding objects. This also improves traction in soft dirt and protects pothole damage.

Zig zag Shoulder Lugs:

Zigzag shoulder pattern delivers greater off-road traction. (dry: 100km/h, wet: 80km/h).

Under-groove Protector:

The tire shoulders are most vulnerable to objects protruding from off-road surfaces. Hankook Tire has added a unique under-groove protector to prevent impact damage and soften external shock for greater driving safety.