Open Country A/T+

Features & Benefits
Asymmetric tread pattern

Asymmetric Tread Pattern Design OUTSIDE (in blue) - Good off-road traction INSIDE - Low Noise - Increased Stability and braking

Step block edge

Step Block Edge - Good Initial Traction

Special silica tread compound

Special silica tread compound provides good wet performance and wear life while maintaining low rolling resistance.


Features & Benefits
Aggressive, attack tread design with hook shaped blocks

Delivers excellent off-road traction and great on-road performance.

Open, scalloped shoulder blocks

Bite into the ground and help to eject mud, snow, and rocks while maintaining off-road traction.

Over-the-shoulder tread

Provides additional forward traction in deep mud and snow.

Deep sipping in the tread blocks

Help maintain grip on wet surfaces.

High turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing

Strengthens tire to provide excellent handling and durability while maintaining proper load capacity.




Features & Benefits
Outside - cornering performance

Increased contact area through use of wide ribs with shallow and narrow groove to maintain good tread contact with the road. Improved handling and high grip.

Inside - aquaplaning & braking

Two wide grooves ensure good water drainage. Better braking achieved via a rib based pattern configuration, which increases the tread’s rigidity in the back and forward directions.

Tread design - wide outer blocks

Increased contact area through the use of wide blocks with shallow and narrow grooves to maintains good tread contact with the road. Improved handling with responsive steering feel and high grip.

Tread design - wide center rib*

High-speed stability & handling response are improved by adoption of a wide center rib. *285 section width and larger

Tread design - inner rib & notch

The inside ribs have a solid shape, which enhances rigidity, improves braking performance and reduces irregular wear.

Tread design - wide straight grooves

Wide straight grooves provide a wide water channel for better aquaplaning resistance.

Proxes C1S

Features & Benefits
Symmetric, non-directional tread design

Enables cross rotation to reduce irregular wear. Variable pitch tread blocks reduce noise generated between road and tire.

Two deep evacuation grooves

Evacuate water for good all-season performance.

Full-depth sipes

Continue to function as tire wears to assist with wet and snow traction.

Stability rib in shoulder area

Reduces irregular wear.

Multi-wave sipes

Minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride. Increase all-season traction.


Features & Benefits
New tread compound

Increased silica and new low rolling resistance grip polymer improves wet grip with reduced fuel consumption active polymer, with improved filler dispersion provide good balance of wear life & low rolling resistance

Wide straight grooves with silent wall

Enhanced aquaplaning resistance reduced noise emission

About Toyo.


Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers with presence in over 100 countries and regions.


TOYO Tires core business is the development, production and marketing of high-quality, high performance tires.


The multi-faceted range of products includes summer and winter tires for cars, 4x4s and SUVs as well as tires for commercial and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Toyo Tires – Driven to Perform

Manufactured in Japan

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Original Equipment (OE) Fitments

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), providing passenger and light truck tires for many well known vehicle makes and models